Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Considering the Criteria of the Recognition of the Subjects of the Religious Decrees    Ph.D    ,    2007-05-21
2    A Survey on the roots of excommunication in juridical thoughts (case studying about erection and heresy)    Ph.D    tavakolian akbari, mahmod    2008-11-18
3    the re-study of Dalil Ensedad    M.Sc.    moradi, mahdi    2009-02-09
4    the relation of justice & security and knowledge of trouble `s fields them    M.Sc.    share, zohre    2009-11-10
5    Researth of actual sunna(h) in point of reason and dinensions    M.Sc.    haghighat, zahra    2010-02-23
6    The principle and theological foundations of courage to commit sin and its effects in Emamya jurisprudence and law of Iran    M.Sc.    Hajizadeh, Mohsen    2010-12-28
7    Investigation of applied fields of La-zarar rule in Iranian civil law with its Jurisprudential analysis.    M.Sc.    Khalili, Muhammad    2010-12-28
8    mourning from religion,s viewpoint    M.Sc.    sanati, somayyeh    2011-03-09
9    The Islamic Jurisprudential Analysis of Legal Personality    Ph.D    ghasemi, mohammadali    2011-05-11
10    an investigation and study in asking for payment on obligation    M.Sc.    sheykhi, majid reza    2011-09-21
11    Jurisprudential analysis of the qualities of commandments that are contrary to chastity on the basis of mabani takmilatul minhaj and compare it with the Jurisprudential views of Imam K Khomeini and Islamic criminal law.    M.Sc.    hajipor, mohamad    2011-11-01
12    Islamic Jurisprudence and Traffic    M.Sc.    fahmideh ghasem zadeh, ali    2011-12-13
13    Juridical- Legal Study On Government Crimes    M.Sc.    ahmadi, jamal    2012-02-28
14    Analysis of the rare jurisprudential opinion about Muslim Women's Hijab    M.Sc.    Ebrahimi, Mozhdehsadat    2012-03-13
15    The tradition of Islamic law followers and its application in fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) inference    M.Sc.    ahmadi soleimani, zahra sadat    2012-05-08
16    Analysis of legal jurisprudence cheating    M.Sc.    Khalil Abadi, Akram    2012-06-01
17    A Study Of Otherworld Punishment Criteria    M.Sc.    برسدر, محمد    2012-10-23
18    effects and understanding criteria ، quiddity؛ Guidance commandment    Ph.D    Kargarian Marwasti, Mostafa    2012-10-28
19    A study of contemporary legal laws in comparison with shiaa and sunni viewpoint    M.Sc.    MARVIAN HOSSEINI, SEYED MAHDI    2012-10-30
20    A study of Ibn Edris’ Ideas and Contemplation in Principles of Jurisprudence based on the book “Al saraer”    Ph.D    bekhradyan, daryoush    2012-12-18
21    An Analytical Study of the Viewpoints of Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Khoei concerning Transactions with Unlawful Purpose    M.Sc.    Parhizgar, Sayyed Mahdi    2013-01-22
22    A Substantive Study On Unlawful Cooperation And It’s Religious Law In Jurisprudence Contracts With The Comparative Approach To The Similar Legal Associations In The Iranian٫ Egypt And British Legal System.    Ph.D    Ghabooli Dorafshan, Sayyed Mohammad Hadi    2013-01-30
23    The examination and analysis basics of especial opinions of the syyed mohammad kazim tabatabaei yazdi in the field of contract jurisprudence    Ph.D    Golbaghi Masouleh, Seyyed Ali Jabbar    2013-03-03
24    Theoretical Jurisprudence Study Of Relinguishing And Its Applications According To Alruzh Albahyh    M.Sc.    asadi, masomeh    2013-04-30
25    the analys of viewpoint of    Ph.D    haghighatpoor, husain    2013-05-04
26    Proprietary issues of Hajj for Women in Fryqyn Jurisprudence    M.Sc.    Ghadiri, Narjes    2013-05-14
27    torture in order to confession in view Islamic sect    M.Sc.    ahmadi, meisam    2013-05-14
28    approaches to the oresumption of innocence jurisprudence deal on the book ALRVZH ALBHYH    M.Sc.    rastegarmoghaddam, afsaneh    2013-05-21
29    Comparative study of innocent assumption according to three contemporary principles: imam khomeini and ayatollah khui and shahid sadr    M.Sc.    latif zadeh, mostafa    2013-05-21
30    Practical Methods of Imami Jurists in Facing with the Practices of the Infallible Imams in Jurisprudential Matters of Ritual Purity, Prayer, Fasting, Khums, and Zakat    Ph.D    khadem Marzoudi, Mehran    2013-06-01
31    researching around the decisions of jurists on the misguided books    Ph.D    aliakbari babookani, ehsan    2013-06-09
32    study the application of hardship rule negation in worship islamic law (juris prudence) based on tahrir al- wasilah    M.Sc.    yeganegi, mansoreh    2013-10-29
33    The study in opinions of Imamia jurists(Fuqaha) about brokerage of wrongful(Jayr) governor from sheikh Ansari as yet    M.Sc.    Badie, Zahra    2013-11-19
34    An analytical study of Shiite jurists’ viewpoints regarding backbiting and ‎slandering the ‎religious opponent and those practicing heretical doctrines ‎‎(mubtadiʿ)‎    Ph.D    mohamadian, ali    2013-12-18
35    the function of shariah purposes in political jurisprudence with the emphasis on nahj al-balaghah    M.Sc.    bshabd, bsh    2014-02-25
36    Non-deployed ownership (legal analysis of the concepts, examples and rules)    Ph.D    ahadi, seifollah    2014-03-05
37    The Investigating the jurisprudential precepts contrasting to public order in islamic jurisprudence and iranian law    Ph.D    rezazadeh mogaddam, hassan    2014-05-04
38    Interaction of Shi'i jurisprudence {fiqh} with community integration in the West with regard to necessities and obligations    Ph.D    AHMADVAND, MOHSEN    2014-05-21
39    surveying the attitude of intellectual‘s situation about transaction jurisprudence of the jurisprudential texts in two recent decades(sectional study : ketabolmatajer)    Ph.D    ARAM, seyedeh RAZIYEH    2014-06-24
40    Generosity Orders (its nature , Criteria and Effects )    Ph.D    majdzadeh khandani, behrouz    2014-06-25
41    rent seeking from the viewpoint of jurisprudance schools    Ph.D    sheikholeslami, mohammad ali    2014-10-04
42    Concept Adjective in the context of the juristic( Chapters deals)    M.Sc.    naseri, saeed mohamad reza    2014-11-11
43    A Study on the Practical Approaches of Shiite`s Jurisprudents to Disagreement with Sunni`s in Chapter of Traditions` Opposition    Ph.D    alizadeh noory, atiyeh    2014-12-09
44    Study of Jurisprudential thought development in Jurisprudence of Transactions (sell) in comparison the Sheikh Toosi and Sheikh Ansari’ jurisprudence viewpoint    Ph.D    moradi, mahdi    2014-12-10
45    Studying the viewpoints of Shia Jurists on the scope of the principle of explicitness in different deals with a focus on Loma Damshqyah    M.Sc.    kiani seresht, maryam    2014-12-16
46    Study conceptual and evidence of Vezr rule and exceptions of this rule from the perspective of religious jurisprudence and legal system of Iran    Ph.D    shafiee, mohsen    2014-12-20
47    Ignorance` difference cases from Emamiyah `view    M.Sc.    pasdar, zahra    2015-04-07
48    An analysis on imam khomeinis legal speeches and itstheological & practical outcoms.    Ph.D    belali, mohammadhadi    2015-04-19
49    A judgmental and thematic study of properties necessary to be destructed    Ph.D    SARAYLOO, ALI    2015-04-19
50    Deliberating of Rules of Haram Transactions in view of hierarch Ansari and the Commentators of the Book of Makasib    M.Sc.    abbasi, marzieh    2015-04-28
51    the study of approach of saheb javaher to jurisprudence of Quran in chapters of the holy war and calling to goodness and preventing from evil    M.Sc.    GHADIRZADEH, SAEED    2015-05-19
52    Organized crime from the perspective of jurisprudence    Ph.D    soleymani, hamid    2015-09-06
53    Check implied conditions customary )Artkazy( contracts in the Islamic jurisprudence texts    Ph.D    ansari, reza    2015-09-26
54    nonverbal absoluteness and the usage of that in jurisprudence and princliple of jurisprudence    M.Sc.    mousavi, seyedrasoul    2015-10-20
55    Juridical Challenges Of Islamic Religious Tolerance. A Case Study: Remy Sin and Innovation    Ph.D    MARVIAN HOSSEINI, SEYED MAHDI    2015-11-28
56    Analysis of non famous opinion of Molla Mohsen Faiz Kashani,in the field of trading rules (deals branch ) in Mafatih Alsharayeh    Ph.D    ghanbarian, malihe    2015-12-09
57    A Study on the criteria which distinguish « important» From «More important» In figh    Ph.D    vaezi, mirzamohammad    2016-02-03
58    Analysis practical approach Imami jurists in encounter with appropriate nature and unconditional contracts based on Javahralkalam    Ph.D    afshar, abazar    2016-02-15
59    Islamic criminal policy of Petty crimes with looking to the policy criminal of zero tolerance in America    Ph.D    masroor, fatemeh    2016-02-22
60    practical discussions of rule of respect in texts of jurisprudence`s imami    M.Sc.    Gholami, Fatemeh Sadat    2016-02-23
61    the Coercible in Islamic jurisprudence orders    M.Sc.    nobakht, zeynab sadat    2016-02-23
62    The shahebjavaher approach to figh al-quran in hodood    M.Sc.    bagheri, mostafa    2016-03-01
63    Check the validity of Quran Looked at osuli akhbari and tafkik school To focus on The Books alfavayed alhayerie,alfavayed almadaniye and abvab olhoda    M.Sc.    afkhami, rahim    2016-03-15
64    An study and analaysis of ibn_shahr Ashob saravi Mazandarani s opinions on abrogating and abrogated in chapter of personal states:(Marriage، Devorce، Devorce period،Will and intheriten)    M.Sc.    jafari, parviz    2016-03-15
65    study of the comparisons of the rule :the rebuff of the probable risk is necessary in the juridical texts    M.Sc.    amel dadkhodaie, maryam    2016-04-12
66    Comparative consideration of rational approaches in Imam Khomeini and researcher Khouee’s juristic verdicts    Ph.D    Ketabdar, Alireza    2016-04-20
67    Connection Between Fiqh and Natural Rights    Ph.D    farahmand, mahnaz    2016-05-31
68    A study about fondations, cases and ethical chalenges of islamic criminal law    Ph.D    Zaker Shoshtari, Naser    2016-06-21
69    Legislative Welayat of Imams, Legislative Welayat, Conferment    M.Sc.    sebtalsheikh, seied mohammadreza    2016-07-09
70    ‍Condition of liability in Contract in jurisprudence texts o shia Islam    M.Sc.    hasanypoor, hasan    2016-12-20
71    A practical review of the Reign Rule (Qaede Saltanat) in sale (baia) and Revocations of sale (Khiarat) in Sheikh Ansari's Makasib    M.Sc.    sane, farzaneh    2017-03-14
72    study the application of hardship rule negation in the chapters of transactions based on the book Alrozat albahiye    M.Sc.    kimiaei, sajede    2017-05-02
73    Studying of the rule of 'special guardianship is stronger than the general guardianshi' and it’s examples in the jurisprudence of Fariqain    M.Sc.    gholami zainabad, maryam    2017-07-04
74    The emulation in actinitig of political jurisprudence and the jurists approach to solve them (Domain of reaserch: Forbidden business topics)    Ph.D    abdekhodaei, boshra    2017-09-13
75    Explaining and analyzing Shahid Sani's method in solving the conflict of akhbar(news) based on the book of al-Rozah Al-Baheeya    M.Sc.    AKBARZADEHSANI, REZA    2017-11-14
76    Criminalization of destruction of environment (Jurisprudencial Approach & Comparative Study in iran law and International documents)    Ph.D    javadi, seyed hadi    2017-12-11
77    A comparison of fiqh-based references of Ayatollah Khoi to Holy qoran in his book Mabani takmil al-minhaj and the units on qisas and diyas in well-known books of Ayat al-ahkam in Shiite tradition    M.Sc.    rakhshanai, mohammad    2018-01-02
78    The study of approach of sahib gavaher to jurisprudence of Quran in chapter of marriage    M.Sc.    tabatabaee, fatemehsadat    2018-01-30
79    The study of approach of sahib gavaher to jurisprudence of Quran in verses of dissolution of marriage    M.Sc.    izanloo, hadis    2018-01-30
80    Non-customary mustering method of conflicting narratives in Imamie Jurisprudence with focusing on the “Jawahir Al-Kalam” book.    Ph.D    Poorchangiz, Mohammad Amin    2018-02-28
81    studying of the application cases of Ehsan rule in the texts of Imamia jurisprudence    M.Sc.    sabzjoo, mohammad    2018-03-13